The Orange Block

The Orange Block is a Lego building game designed for people aged 8 - 18, but don't limit yourself!

It provides a multiplayer sandbox environment for people to get together and build.

It is a complex rendering system allowing you to have large amounts of interactions with your buildings.

It is the successor to the game TBM.



TBM was a free multiplayer game built off the alpha build of Eric Hartman's game, Blockland. It featured hundreds of different bricks for building, 98 different colors, IRC chat, and a variety of high-quality maps and models. It also had a deathmatch mod titled Death to Block (DTB) which expanded on The Better Mod's list of features and allowed you to battle your friends online.

TBM has now been succeeded by the game The Orange Block (TOB), TOB contains all of TBM and DTB, and has been redone to be smoother and more stable. Not only does it have TBM and DTB, but it has the adaptable Cemetech AI, dozens of new fire and smoke particles and better weapons.

You can download The Orange Block from the link at the top of this webpage. All you need to do after that is unzip it into the folder you'd like to run it from.

Further help can be found here:
Or the "Wiki" section in the left hand menu.
If neither of these helps you, you can get help by simply asking in the forum.

Should you need older versions of TOB, or, failing that, TBM, several are available in the files section.

The TOB Forums are a friendly place for players to gather, share information and chat about a wide variety of topics. You can register with the links on the left.

The Forum is moderated by the mods Elrunethe2nd, DShiznit, Lucas, and the admins Dontar and The Administrator (Lucas). It is our job to help you if you have a problem, so try us first!

Make sure to quickly read the rules before you post so you know what is expected of you, and, most of all, have fun.

The Orange Block
2.31 Patch Released PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elrunethe2nd   
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 15:03

An update for 2.3 is out and you can get it here:


This fixes some small bugs present in 2.3 and adds a few nice surprises. You can read the full changelog here:


Thanks to EmperorWiggy for his tireless work in putting this out.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 15:04
4 Weeks, People,4 Weeks! PDF Print E-mail
Written by LegoGuy24 & Lucas W   
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 12:03


As the site shows there are 4 weeks left until a big surprise that I think everyone knows but I won't tell it (duh).

By the way I am as excited as you at this surprise.



TOB 2.2 is released!



Last Updated on Saturday, 31 December 2011 16:07
Regarding the Master Server, part 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by EmperorWiggy   
Tuesday, 14 June 2011 18:26

The old master server ( is back online.  If you have changed master servers at any point in the past, you should switch back to this one.

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 June 2011 05:48
The Orange Block 2.2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Administrator   
Saturday, 04 June 2011 05:52

The Orange Block 2.2 has been announced! See the thread in the forums for more info.

Regarding the Master Server PDF Print E-mail
Written by Prince N   
Monday, 07 March 2011 05:13

Recently, Garage Games had errors and shut down the master server, damaging many torque games' playerbases. Many of you have been aware of this and a good person from the GG community decided to help us out. There is a new master server everyone can use until Garage Games fixes the problem.

The new master server is

To set it up, start up ToB and click Options, click Network, scroll down the menu to where it says "Master Server", and type the new master server in. Happy Building.

If you aren't able to have people join your IRC servers, you can try hosting with this master server, or using hamachi.

Update: works again.

Alternately, here's a master server list.

Last Updated on Monday, 16 July 2012 02:39
New Year, New Website PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lucas   
Monday, 24 January 2011 11:24

Yes Elrune, I do feel inclined to write an article entry.


I want to change the look and feel of the website, but I just don't know how. As you may have noticed I have changed the look of the menu. This is not the final thing, rather, an experiment to see what I can do with it.


Other plans are too make a different page where you go when you goto, an expansion of the "What is The Orange Block" but a lot more focused for first time vistors. The news page will most likely be on and would no longer need the "What is The Orange Block" bit above it, leaving more room for news!


Top right, above the Donate button I am thinking of having a similar button but as a link to a download page (And then remove "Download ToB" from the menu). On this page would be information about how to get the game (and possibly a link to an article on how to get ToB to run under WINE), Wallpapers and/or other misc media items and maybe links to popular user mods or patches.


For the most part I should be fine, but I will most likely need help making a new theme for the website. Please, If you could, suggest things in the already made Website Template thread here:

Last Updated on Monday, 24 January 2011 11:25
Summary Time PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elrunethe2nd   
Thursday, 20 January 2011 15:30

Not much to say here.

We're approaching the end of January in 2011, and things are going smoothly, and i'm pretty much doing this just to remind everyone (administration excluded) that we're still here and doing things.

There's pretty much no news on this front (or indeed any other), but i'm loath to just leave everyone hanging. It seems that there's nothing to report from us, Blockland or Cemetech, but perhaps that's not a bad thing. Things are flowing, it's all cool. That can't be so wrong.

I'll probably not be on IRC as much as I have in the past weeks, just so you all know, so if you need to see me for anything, let me know here. I check daily.

So, before I change this into my personal blog, I hope everyone had a good holiday (if it's over for you already) and a happy New Year. We have some new players, and we're happy to see new faces around - it's always positive. Try to be patient with them, everyone!

Anyway, it seems appropriate to suggest that everyone kick back and watch some cool shows or something, and take it easy.

Maybe Lucas will write an entry if he feels so inclined. Otherwise, wishing everyone a good one.





Last Updated on Friday, 21 January 2011 16:22
Christmas Today! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elrunethe2nd   
Saturday, 25 December 2010 10:34

So, it's the big day today.

Hope everyone had a good one, ate some fun things and got some presents they liked. Hoping to see you all in the new year!

Merry Christmas!


Last Updated on Saturday, 25 December 2010 10:34
Christmas is approaching! PDF Print E-mail
Written by MarcusTheCrazy and Elrune   
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 00:53


Hey guys!

Christmas is fast approaching and it has been around a year since the announcement of Freebuild's active development, and possibly we are getting close to something big. Time will tell!


Have fun with Christmas this year and if you are new, you can download The Orange Block here, or in the side bar or register and visit our forums. Have fun and happy building. :D



Hey everyone! Marcus pretty much said it just now. Exciting times ahead full of change in the world, and we can only wish everyone the best of luck and much happiness this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Stay safe, and have a good time this yule tide.





Last Updated on Saturday, 11 December 2010 09:54
Welcome New Users PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dontar   
Monday, 09 March 2009 14:54

Please post an intro inside the Introduction Thread on the Forums.

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